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G'day Lori

just imagine that there is no god or gods, then religions are a human invention.

Like most?all inventions they fill a perceived need. That need is a real, desperate and inevitable component of the human condition.

The human condition I am speaking of is self awareness and its resultant perception of inevitable death to the self.

For all the supposed good of religion, if there is no god/s (and we have no apparent evidence of any) then the invention is a placebo at best and a ghastly tragic distortion of reality that allows horrors to be enacted in the names of gods.

and salad?

good metaphor for religion

assemble various ingredients

lettuce is predominately water
tomato is so ambiguously misunderstood as to be fruit to some and vegetable to others
onion, the great deceiver  makes you weep and as you delve deeper and deeper peeling away the outer layers for the truth, what do you find, that it was all layers to the end, and no core truth

and the whole mix is personally flavoured with personal interpretation spices and condiments so as to be palatable (spag)

and still it needs snake oil as lubricant so as not to stick in ones craw. ;)
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