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Interesting thread, surprised I didn't reply sooner.

Also, Kin Hell, I keep thinking your name needs a F' in front of (F'kin hell), I think it'd be perfectly apt for a discussion on political discontent...or discontent in general.

bloody hell Sepp  have you only just worked out one of the meanings of my name ;)       
subtlety wouldn't be my middle name if I presented the F' as well .... ;D

I'm quite a big fan of Brian 'Yap' Barry's stuff.

yeah   ....me too now

On the note of Kate Tempest,

It's not music, but this is Kate Tempest:
great words  apt name   .....channelling Janis (a positive comment   no offence intended)

I feel I should finish with 'One Minute Silence', Yap's old band (which have reformed now). This one is to do with religion, so great for this forum really.

new to me I'll have to go trawling    thanks Sepp

here's one of the first (if not the first?) anti-racism songs

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