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My head is throbbing, so I'll just conclude with this:
If you want to make worthwhile suggestions, don't waste your time by waiting for us to answer your questions; do the research yourself. The information can be easily accessed and is also easily understood. There's no reason why you can't do the research first and make suggestions later.

....you really can be a obdurate, manipulative, deliberately dumb, and pontificating dick at times just in order to have the last word.

Perhaps you should use a little intelligence and try and understand that the question allowed for a very easy and swift dismissal of my suggestion with the simplest of answers   ie:  No.

Surely the practise  of approaching the supposed authorities on the subject, (which is what my question did) is a standard research tool?
....and in this case an extremely efficient one where the authoritative summation can be provided with minimum fuss.

Simple no? 

 But you have to add personal commentary and direction don't you?

As you've arbitrarily assumed the authority to direct my behaviour, to so obviously pander to your equally obvious need to win with that parthian shot, let me reply in kind.

You are a judgemental curmudgeon, over endowed with a judgemental opinion that harshly judges others, but fails to exact any consistently rigorous and scrupulous accuracy and honesty from yourself.

If you think I am being harsh on calling you judgemental, just check your smiteful(sic) darwin records.   Oh yes you are the record holder. Congratulations.

And if you take umbrage at being called less than scrupulously honest in debate, please feel free to do the fucking research yourself.


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