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Maybe you should just post in here, doesn't it look hypocrite to point at a minor flaw in my post by irrupting in the debate? please don't do that. There's no need, there are several moderators online, there is PM and there is this topic.

Augusto    I posted in your debate thread interrupting your debate purely because while you were busy copying and pasting chunks of supposedly "your" argument you seemed completely unconcerned about attributing, and by definition if you do not attribute your sources you are presenting the arguments as your own.

As I had previously read your exact arguments elsewhere, I posted the evidence of your disingenuousness  to the debate thread as the most direct method of exposing that less than honest behaviour to those most involved, namely your opponent, and the mods.

Post engineering a compliance to site requirements by scurrying around late posting attribution does not give you an automatic honourable behaviour badge of merit, nor does attempting to minimise the (possibly accidental) deceitfulness of the act by calling it a "minor flaw".

You might like to argue that Lucifer's arguments are not his own, but again this is you engineering a reality that suits your needs of the moment.

Lucifer will present his arguments in his own words no doubt, and when he chooses to introduce slabs of others' text into his posts, he will no doubt post attribution so you will know whom you are actually addressing at all times.

Elsewhere, it seems a shame that you are unable to recognise the act of poor attribution as being anything more than a minor flaw when your entire defence,
of the idea that idiotic contradictions within the "word of god" bible are not indication of the non-existence your 3O god, relies on the argument of "poor attribution".
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