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SNIP  "If God askes" I am talking about God. Not your neighbor Bob.
The God who created heaven and earth and us.
If this omnipotent being(anything is possible) directly tells me something to do, I would do it.
because for Him anything is possible. (raising anybody from the death would be one of them)
Of course I don't think God will ask me to do such thing.

.....and what tool would you use to discern if it really was a message from your god?
Obviously you cannot just use faith or belief or feelings, as these have proven to be somewhat lacking in efficacy...


A Texas woman who stoned two of her children to death and seriously injured a third on Mother's Day last year told psychiatrists she was driven to kill by a message from God and that she was sure they would rise again from the dead.
"I felt like I obeyed God and I believe there will be good out of this," she explained in the interview, looking wide-eyed and sometimes smiling. "I feel like he will reveal his power and they will be raised up. They will become alive again."


A Virginia man diagnosed with schizophrenia told reporters that he cut his 5-year-old son's head off to save him from the anti-Christ.


A man sentenced to 90 years in prison for attempting to set his Orlando home on fire with his family sleeping inside said God commanded him to sacrifice his wife and children,
"God had a plan for my family, I had no idea what that plan was," Missal said. "I trusted God and God was faithful to the end."

Missal said God stopped the sacrifice by waking up the family before he set the house on fire.

And why do you think that these god-fearing authorities all deny any chance that it may have been god's wish for these "sacrifices" to occur?
How can a theist society presume to judge whether or not god has spoken?
What tool do they use to make that judgement?
Are you certain that these "heard the word of god" theists were not doing god's will?

What tool do you use to discern the lack of veracity of their claims?

If the intent to sin is the sin, does that mean abraham committed the sin of murder even though the angel of the lord stopped him from sacrificing his son?

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