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Because your sun displays none of the characteristics of an earthly father.  Here's an opportunity for everyone to chime-in on some of "god's" characteristics which parallels human fathers.  I'll start with a few:

.....and I'm sure hundred's more.

I can come up with my own list:

- illuminates

- nourishes

- warm

- perfect

- overpowering

- source of life

- Constant

- Unchanging

- Providing structure

- Transcendent

- Unmoved mover

- Source of salvation and re-birth


But it doesn't really matter what parallels with the idea of a father you can find or parallels with the Sun I can find. We don't need to look far for the 'father' one in any event: God, in the Xian tradition is called Father! Though this, being a conscious rather than subconscious epithet would undermine, rather than support Freud's theory.

I feel you've missed my point so I'll re-iterate:

i) Just because the idea of God and the idea of father share parallels that is not proof that God is merely a subconscious longing for a father. You have not provided a causal link; I could equally argue that modern notions of fatherhood are subconscious acting out of the God-myth! Put formally: correlation is not causation, and your claim is unfalsifiable (a point I've raised twice now with no response).

ii) The analysis is too reductive; the fact that we describe God with the language of authority is not surprising, nor then is it surprising if this language is what refers to other authority figures (like fathers) - but God is a far richer and more diverse concept than that of the father - your analysis ignores this.
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