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It is certainly not baseless. Atheists can tell you that things evolve, but they can't explain why things even evolve in the first place, or why life tries to survive in the first place. They can explain how an atom works but can't explain why an atom works.

You see my point?

I have always had a degree of sympathy for this kind of understanding of God. A basis for all existence - put more pretentiously - an ontological foundation.

However there are two serious problems with this line of thought.

First is that it serves no explanatory function:

For example if you asked me: Why is the charge of an electron 1.6022x10-19 Coulombs? I could not give you a coherent answer.

However if I asked you then same question you would say: Because God set that value. However, I will respond Why did God set that value? - at which point you have nothing further to add.

Is there a substantive difference? The answer is no. Neither of us have given an explanation of why the charge of an electron is what it is; you have simply added an extra assertion, but left the essential problem untouched. (Contrast this with the actual knowledge of the value of the charge itself - a what question rather than a why one).

Secondly even if we accept the possibility of an ontological foundation deity it is really the God of Ancient Greek Philosophy, an amoral, disinterested, non-anthropic God. It is certainly not the God of religion.

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