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... But, I enjoy the wrestling rather get discouraged by it so will plod along as one those pleasant delusional Christian theists on this website.

The thing is OCG, I should, at this point say fair enough. I should say it because we are all entitled to our beliefs.


I must confess I find you a frustrating figure. While this may be the first time we have talked directly yours is a name I always look for in a thread. Looking at the posts you make and the comments you leave you are clearly capable of deep thought and a fan of honesty, both literal and emotional. You rightly take pride in what sounds like a strong and valued pastoral role in your church and extending that to this forum. You are indeed a great shelter and confidant to many theists here; you are - if you forgive the phrase - the classic 'avuncular' figure.

However every time you are directly challenged on issues of faith you make this strange manoeuvre: you rarely, if ever, come out in defence of your beliefs but take a conciliatory stand, acknowledging its paradoxes but insisting that I believe what I believe. You strategy reminds me of camouflage. It It does make me wonder if you Christianity is anything more than a comfortable habit - something you put on because (a) it suits you and (b) it keeps you warm at night.

I apologise if I've stepped over the line, but you remind me powerfully of a few friends of mine who for years 'kept going through the motions' because it was easy...

Anyhow; thank you for the conversation.

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