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OK, maybe a little house cleaning is in order. Or maybe I'm just taking this wrong... But I got to say something and get it off of my chest.

IGI has members that go back and forth between the forum there and the forum here. I'm a member of both, but I don't participate or even check out the "other guys" very often. I just recognized one member here and suspected some courting going on with Augusto. (You know me getting questioned (and smited about my interaction with Augusto) and Augusto getting plused for his first debate post. I went over yonder to see what was going on when Augusto said " I'm invited to another forum where people play nice so if you won't be nice, I'm  leaving." I noticed Augusto got 10 Plus ones at the other place.

Did Augusto get played by Mooston? Is this some kind of tag team debate scheme, or did Lucifer get his opponent pulled out from underneath him unfairly? I mean they can have him if they want him that bad, but geesh seems pretty desperate to come cull our flock. Couldn't it have at least waited until the debate was over.
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