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i find it hilarious how some people makes a big deal about procreation. The way i see it, we're already well over 7 billion, so what if some people don't want to have kids or can't procreate?

This is what i hear from some folks

1) Homosexuals can't procreate (Gay rights issue)
2) It's important to keep your bloodline going (Abortion issue or people whom choose not to have children)
3) If people think like you do then human race would die out (This is said to Gays or to child-free individuals)
4) Having children is so important and miraculous.
5) it's important for the establishment of civilization

Here's my response to that:

1) Gays and lesbians can procreate through surrogacy or artifical insemination.
2) It's a matter of personal choice. I also would go with what George Carlin said, "They're all about the unborn, they'll do anything for the unborn, but once you're born, you're on your own! They won't wanna hear from you, no welfare checks, no hallmark cards, no tutition, no nothing until you reach Military age and then they send you off to die." I'm paraphrasing.
3) This argument is pointless and makes no sense. There have already been countless of infertile individuals, individuals who choose not to have children, and couples who are gay or lesbian or bisexual, so what's the big deal? Every person makes their own choice in life as they should, we're not some automatons who reprograms ourselves whenever another was reprogrammed different.
4) If children were so important, then why hadn't those folks been focusing on children who were abused or neglected, starving somewhere, left in an orphange unwanted, lying in the hospital as their parents cannot afford money for surgeries or medication, or the children who were being bullied? Why focus on someone's sexuality?
5) While it may be important to keep the generation going, but not everyone has to have a child and not everyone can procreate.

I personally cannot have children and i don't want to have children. I don't hate children, i just don't want one. I picture myself just living in a small simple house with a partner and just enjoying life and maybe traveling.  don't think that can cause any problems to society. People may say it's selfish, but we're all selfish.
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