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Here’s what we can see with you Nathan

You use the no true Scotsman fallacy, you think you’re the “true Christian.”

You use Pascal’s wager, as did many Christians before you. You didn’t pay attention when we told you how the Pascal’s wager failed.

You consider anecdotes and youtube videos as proof of demon possession, but never try to understand the mind and how things can be explained, but instead you just go, “See, demon.”

After we give you answers to your posts, you just ignore our questions, make assumption about us, and you keep repeating yourself.

When I asked you some of the questions, you decided to ignore it or give completely dodge the question. Now, you decided to insult my intelligence and even just gave one weak answer to one question.

You then just threatened us with hell and proclaimed it isn’t threat and look down on us. It just tells us a lot more about you.

You’re inconsiderate, you’re condescending, and you’re a troll.
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