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Not for the faint of heart, not for those for whom
The intuitive picture is one in which the environment monitors the system of interest by continuously ‘measuring’ some quantity characterised by the set of preferred states (‘eigenstates of the decohering variable’). Formally, this is reflected in the (at least approximate) diagonalisation of the reduced state of the system of interest in the basis of privileged states (whether discrete or continuous).
is an essentially meaningless selection of words, but a possible explanation of the "Two Slit Experiment" and how the quantum world becomes the Newtonian world.

I readily admit that I am reading this when I am tired and have had to read most paragraphs more than once: it is a slow process. I have had to skip various parts as I simply have run out of brains so any attempt by me to summarise it will fail horribly.

If nothing else, Section 4 is comprehensible,
4. Scope of Decoherence

We have already mentioned in Section 1.1 that some care has to be taken lest one overgeneralise conclusions based on examining only well-behaved models of decoherence. On the other hand, in order to assess the programme of explaining the emergence of classicality using decoherence (together with appropriate foundational approaches), one has to probe how far the applications of decoherence can be pushed. In this final section, we survey some of the further applications that have been proposed for decoherence, beyond the easier examples we have seen such as chirality or alpha-particle tracks. Whether decoherence can indeed be successfully applied to all of these fields will be in part a matter for further assessment, as more detailed models are proposed and investigated.
True, the paper is a "look what I've found, what is it?" type but it does give some hope that the Two Slit Experiment will give more of an actual insight into the nature of electromagnetic radiation and the connection between our world and the quantum world than it so far has.

Having said that, someone here may grasp more clearly what is being said overall and be gifted enough to explain in very broad terms.

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