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Similarly, the scientists are estimating the Absolute Truth, the cause of all causes, with their imperfect senses and minds, and thus they are bound to be bewildered.
Simply put, you are wrong. This is not what scientists do at all.

There are two types of truth: Typically they are written "truth" and "Truth"
(i) truth is what we understand presently and can be demonstrated time and again as being true. e.g. Gravity is experienced between two masses and in each mass; A dog is a mammal; light has a finite speed; 2HCl + Ca = H2 + CaCl2, etc.

true is written with a lowercase "t" because, as certain as we are, this may change. At one time, people believed "All swans are white" and then someone found a black swan, so this was no longer true.

(ii) The Truth is a mathematical definition 2+2=4; Pythagoras's Theorem on a two dimensional plane. This is postulated a priori: we give the symbol "1" a value and the rest follows. There is no other "absolute Truth" of which we can be certain.

This has been the state of the human world for the last 400,000 years and probably before that.
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