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Your post #16 is not too helpful. I had rather hoped that you would throw out a few bones.

Let me add:

Thou Shalt not Kill
The Old Testament was written in classical Hebrew. The Sixth Commandment in classical Hebrew is, "Tir-tsach Lo", which means, You shall kill Not. This is taken from the word Ratsach, which means, to intentionally kill unjustly or kill without just cause. Hebrew, like many languages, has different words that mean the same thing, with different contexts. For example:

Ratsach, meaning to intentionally kill unjustly
Nakah, meaning to accidentally kill
Sachat, meaning to kill for food or sacrifice
Muth, meaning to execute
Haarag meaning to smite with deadly intent: - destroy, out of hand, kill, murder (-er), put to [death], make [slaughter], slay (-er), [do this "surely".] Note the similarity to Ratsach.

It is, of course a little confusing as "genocide at the behest of a deity" is not really covered. However, we are fortunate to have the Supreme Court to help: apparently if you slay a few thousand people in a particularly gruesome way and cite the defence of "God told me to do it." You are either found to be completely mad or you are found guilty of first degree murder.

First degree murder would roughly equate to 1. Ratsach, meaning to intentionally kill unjustly.

We also know that The Lord of Hosts commanded that pregnant women be ripped open and that he has apparently foretold that Edom's punishment will be so bad that to have your children  dashed upon rocks is to be considered preferable. I think this is a war-crime, again, I would roughly equate to 1. Ratsach, meaning to intentionally kill unjustly.

Let us thus, and according to His Law, hang God.
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