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One problem that any philosophy has is that it can only talk in generalities, whereas we know that in a perfect world each case would be judged on its own merits whilst the judge was in possession of all (and I emphasise all) the facts.

The requirement to accept Christ as your Saviour came first. Without considering the later cultural ramifications, this would appear to be a reasonable criterion for becoming a member of a club named after Christ.

Such exhortations were aimed solely at men in a unbelievably strong, patriarchal society where women were property and children were not counted as human until they had survived the first 3 months.

The leader of any cult of personality must have utter loyalty and thus an agreement from would-be members that they understand why they are accepting the absolute leader’s decisions as correct is extracted. This latter point creates a deviant, liar and traitor of any member who then, at a later stage says, “I disagree with that!”

This then makes the group self-policing to the level of the most fundamental member. With the correct minions assigned to the highest positions, the leader’s position is then virtually unassailable.

In the case in point, the thought “What becomes of infants?” came after the statement. Having committed to the proposition that a person must, and without exception, be fully informed of Christ before accepting Him, and with a belief that the leader cannot be wrong, there is only one answer, however unpalatable.

It could be said that there is, within this, an evolutionary advantage – the offspring of the members must at all costs be prevented from dying.

I am reminded (i) of the difficulty that the concept of “The Trinity” causes, but once committed to it, there is no way back regardless of consequence. (ii) the impossibility of the timeline and geographical accuracy of the Nativity – it could not have occurred at the time given, Herod was not alive to order the non-existent Massacre of the Innocents and Bethlehem of Judaea did not exist, but it is now too late to change track.

Such are the failings of “one size fits all” and “My Word is inerrant law.”
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