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There's no use saying on the one hand that God can rain turkey sandwiches (other than to tell us that you have a Western-centrism and worship a western centric god) and then telling us of the obsession that churches have for money.

If you are saying that churches are charitable organisations, you need only look at some of the tax-free fortunes made by mega churches (e.g. the Vatican, Jim Haggard, etc.)

If you are going to say "They are not all the same." I agree, but this merely proves that everyone's idea of god is individual and, as a consequence, points clearly at all gods being "all in the mind."

If you want to mention some really helpful churches that use money wisely and effectively, you need to tell us why god can be left out of that equation and the charity and good works still exist.

So. What is your point?
People need to be motivated by a myth in order to be good? I think not.
Primitive people need to be told about Jesus because their gods are rubbish? Arrogant, eh?
Here's a piece of history from Christianity's glorious past:

  • Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the first President of Kenya said: "We had the land and they had the Bible. Then they told us to close our eyes and pray. So we closed out eyes and prayed. When we opened our eyes, we found that we had the Bible and they had the land".

Who were those Christians who did that?

What sort of a world do you want, Mattieu? A theocracy? Like Iran/Afghanistan?

Why did your god not send food to that child but send food to the vulture?
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