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A Northern California hospital has agreed to keep on life support a 13-year-old girl declared brain-dead after having surgery to remove her tonsils

But what about the choices involved here. It involves everything from Obamacare
I’m not sure how this is so. What we have is a mistake. The healthcare system does not exist that does not have mistakes. You are usually warned before any surgery that there is a risk to all surgery and there is something obvious about that. I doubt there is one operation that has a 0% death-rate.

It seems to be to ethics
I am not sure ethics come into it. The young girl is dead. There are few ethics that are applicable to a dead body as far as medical care is concerned.
to insurance money
That is interesting. The hospital says they are keeping the girl on the machine for no valid reason. Who will pay? The hospital? It is their choice to do this. The insurance company? The insurance company seem to be being penalised for a non-medical reason.
to the definition of death
Brain death: that's the definition.
to the fact that science still does not understand a lot about the brain, especially the healing capacity of young bodies.
Brains do not heal. Once starved of oxygen for a few minutes, they are so much fat and no use to anyone. From the report, “Jahi had lost, irretrievably, all brain function.”

I say keep this young lady (I almost choke up as I type) alive for now and allow her parents to grieve,
Whereas I have some sympathy, if she is on the machine, “grieve” is not the correct word. Being on the machine gives the rhythmic rise and fall of the chest and maintains colour and texture to the skin: the “appearance” of being alive is strong. Can you imagine what the parents, hoping against hope must be thinking? They will be in denial. Once it is switched off, then they can grieve.
with a sliver of a chance that our understanding of medicine can always be surprised.
Not in this case.
Not a miracle, just the possibility of our amazing ability to heal and struggle for life.
It cannot be done. Sorry. It never will be done.
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