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What is it that makes your belief so strong?

If God loves us and wants us to come to Him why wouldn't He tell us what He wants?
I have no idea but He contradicts Himself on many occasions and for every Christian there is a different understanding of each verse of the Bible.
The Bible was written in 66 books, over more than 1500 years, by 40+ writers the majority of these never met.
No, but they had access to each other’s manuscripts, didn’t they – See how the Gospels are drawn from Mark.
We have lots of evidence to support all of these claims,
I think few dispute how many books there are in the Bible, except perhaps the Catlix who are not Christians and stick in the Apocrypha.
The Bible does something here that a dozen professors, all in the same room, over the course of 1 year, have trouble doing.
Have you made a point about the Professors? If so, I have missed it.
RatherWhether you believe [in what is written in] The Bible or not is a side issue. Even if you believe there are a few contradictions, they are still less than we should expect IF it was written by man alone.
You have already said the books were written by 40+ authors[1], i.e. “men” or  “written by man”
some of the abstract concepts go so deep I have trouble thinking any man wrote them.
No. You probably have the same ideas as us – the people who wrote them were probably not thinking clearly and had difficulty with concepts
These facts alone, supported by history, are amazing.
The ratio of “facts” to assumptions and myths is pretty low. And to be honest, apart from the number of books in the Bible, you haven't given any "facts".
Throw in some completed, verifiable, prophesy
Foretelling the future is a mug’s game – I see no prophecies, but I see a lot of words tortured until they confess what the torturer wants to hear.
and How can you not believe?
I don’t accept “magic” as an explanation for anything. Mental illness was as common in Judea as it is today. Superstition rides just as high.

How has God effected your life?

With my wife, friends, and family as witnesses, He changed me! I have been given a whole new nature. things like swearing, bar hopping, drinking, and woman chasing were enjoyable activities to me at one time. Now, and just about overnight, none of these are things I even want to do. I tried many times to stop doing these things but it was never in my own power to do them. Only God can give a new nature!
OK, If you stopped worshipping God, would you revert or have you simply learned how to behave?

Why do you think it is important for others to believe?

You have been created by an almighty powerful being. He should receive Honor and respect.
Important if true… but it isn’t.
The Bible teaches that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.
So do the Koran and various other holy books
Also if you are not with me, than you are against me.
TBH, I couldn’t follow your arguments and, as a consequence, I cannot follow you.

I think it's better to be a willing subject than unwilling enemy.
You could be neutral… if there is a God, He will forgive you, it is His job.

Are there any miracles or personal experiences that you have seen, either in your life or in the lives of others, that you would like to share?

I was personally healed of GIRD. My wife was healed of a heart condition. Both of these were conditions that required surgery to repair. The before condition is documented for both of us. My Wife's after condition is documented by a heart specialist.
Now I believe that the cure was effected by Ai Tupua'i the Polynesian goddess of healing & of war. She is famous for doing such things. I cannot see that it is possible that your god, Yahweh, would ever do such a thing. You show me in the Bible where Yahweh cures any woman with heart disease or infirmity!

Yet we know from the stories of Ai Tupua'I told by our forefathers that she does this.

Why don't you accept Ai Tupua'i in gratitude for your wife's recovery?
 1. and, seriously, I should imagine that there were far more than that.
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