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Since the question has turned to salvation... No almost everything we discuss on this whole site is not a requirement to believe. Rather road blocks for the wise.

Believe you are a sinner in need of a savior. That Jesus died for you. That his blood will wash you and cover you. That your sins may be forgiven. through this unselfish act you can be made right with God and be saved. That He rose again on the third day and defeated death. It's a free gift. He did all the work for you. All you have to do is accept it.

Of course that is what you say and you must be aware that this is the same as my telling you about how to cure the disease, "Flakey Hoof" in unicorns. As there is nothing to support the idea of their being unicorns, the disease has nothing to to be a disease of.

All this above also rest on several other assumptions and one inconsistency.

The main inconsistency is that God The Father sacrifices God the Son to... to whom? -> In the OT, there are many instances of animals being sacrificed to Yahweh: You have led an imperfect life, you give something of yours to Yahweh, and Yahweh forgives you - The Cosmic protection racket.

But here, who owned the sacrifice to start with and in whose honour is the sacrifice? Did God the Father (Yahweh) "own" Jesus? Did Yahweh create Jesus, "before the world began" or was there always a Yahweh, a Jesus and "The Holy Spirit" who were separate and independent?.

Once we have decided that, we have to decide: "In whose honour was the sacrifice?" Did Yahweh make a sacrifice to "mankind"? How strange... this is totally out of character. If so, Yahweh was asking mankind to "do Him a favour."

The next is "If I sacrifice my sheep to Yahweh, may I then eat the sheep?" If so, I don't seem to have lost much, so it really isn't a sacrifice, is it? In the same way, "If Yahweh gets Jesus back in heaven, has Yahweh actually lost anything?" After all, Jesus was said to be in heaven since before Creation, and will be there for Eternity, so 30 or so years don't seem very important, do they?

Finally, in the case of Jesus, He must have known He was going to heaven, so anything that happened to Him on Earth, really did not matter, did it? Look at this:

1. My teeth are fine -> Jesus lives in Heaven
2. One of my teeth starts hurting -> Jesus comes to Earth to tell us something is wrong. He has a bad time.
3. The dentist fills the tooth but it is painful -> Jesus is crucified
4. My teeth are fine. -> Jesus is back in heaven.

So can you have one more attempt at explaining to us how all this "Salvation" works?
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