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You are basically saying "intelligent design"  did not happen because we evolved via natural selection which ignores the point that irreducible complexity indicates that we didn't evolve that way. 

"Intelligent Design" and " irreducible complexity" are garbage. They essentially teach that which is known to be wrong. They are not scientific or logical. They produce more problems than they solve and require a believe in a Creator (Who is always assumed, without proof, to be Yahweh.) who defies time, etc. Strangely, if an atheist were to claim such exemptions from common sense, the godbotherer would jump on him.

The fact that fingernails grow is, essentially, no more complex than the way in which an eye grew.


One of the finest and funniest religious alternatives to "ID" is "Intelligent Smiting." In this, God creates all life at Creation but occasionally a creature will displease Him. He then Smites all examples and replaces them with a very slightly improved version. Hence we have a fossil record that apparently shows progress.

I would challenge anyone to prove to me that this is not the One True Explanation. In fact, I will donate $20 to any of Ray Comfort's scams charities if they can persuade me that Intelligent Smiting is not true.
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