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Here in the UK, the Scots[1] want independence. The Kurds want independence, The Sikhs and the Tibetans want independence, every man and his dog wants independence.

People want independence when times are subjectively hard[2]. The idiocy of this is that the time to go for independence is when everyone is sufficiently prosperous and everyone is feeling happy - it's times like that you stand a better chance of getting your way. But, of course, at times like that, you're not really bothered where you are or who's in charge.

When times get hard[3] that's the time to stick together.

 1. <rant>well, the lunatic fringe of rabid nationalism led by Alex Salmond who wants to join with Norway and the Norwegians, sensibly, don't want him</rant>
 2. they may also be objectively hard, but that doesn't much matter, if it is objectively hard, it is also subjectively hard
 3. cue "Bridge over Troubled Waters"
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