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That is correct.  Though I didn't accept all the claims as true.  At first, only that Jesus lived.
There is a fair amount of supporting evidence for that.
In fact, there is remarkably little objective evidence for an historical Jesus. Of course, you can always ignore the lack of evidence or explain it away. But the fact remains that anyone really raising someone from the dead (Lazarus, et al), walking on water, and coming back alive from a Roman judicial execution, would have been noted by the Romans and other diarists and reporters... yet nobody does.

I think you will agree, based upon the evidence, that the very best that can be said is that Jesus was an unimportant local fundamentalist who simply annoyed people.

You will quote Josephus et al and I will then show you a list of reasonably reliable reporters who were around at the time and completely missed all the miracles.

Let's assume that someone in Colorado was executed and then came back from the dead amidst earthquakes and dead men rising from their graves and then this dead guy floated up to heaven... It would make world news, right? Well, the Romans took an interest in that sort of thing.

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