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Very interesting.  In post #884 (previous page), I merely offered a quote from Sigmund Freud.  Junebug has elected to "smite" me on this, and her reason was:  "mean, abuse of power".

Wow, just.......wow.
The post is http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/forums/index.php/topic,24709.msg552939.html#msg552939


You have given a smite to someone who was quoting someone else. This is not the point of the system. The point is to show your appreciation of or, dissatisfaction with, the way that the ideas in a post were expressed or how much insight they carried.

I know that many atheists here hand out positive points to well thought-out posts by believers and vice versa.

It certainly is not for posts that upset you, for whatever reason. Those posts, if there is any real substance to them, should be reported to a moderator.

If you want to smite someone, smite Sigmund Freud, not someone who quotes him!

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