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Because God does amazing things through people like this. :)

That is unforgivable. You know, don't you, that the guy in the video was born after his mother took thalidomide? Nothing to do with God, unless you believe that God led scientists to Thalidomide, when He knew what it would do, just so that he could make a cheerful cripple.

Of course, as an atheist, I hope you (and, for that matter, every other Christian) do believe that God made that man like that, because that is what the Bible says God does - He makes the lame.

But why does He make the lame and never bother curing them? Well the answer is in several Gospels, He makes cripples to make Himself look good; to show His power.

Great! So you suggest that God made that guy crippled? And now is glorying in people like you who post such unmitigated, delusional garbage?

"Ooo, look everyone God cursed him and he's still a cripple but he loves Jesus! That proves there's a god!"

If I came round and chopped of your limbs, would you be happy? No. You'd wail. To all intents and purposes, your life would have ended. You, like the guy in the picture would have to rely on people to place you on the toilet and wipe your arse, feed you, clothes you. Do everything for you.

I had a friend who was damaged by Thalidomide - like the rest of them, he wasn't happy. Yes, he did well... for a while. But when his parents died and his wife left him, he died slowly. So you think God did that?

Great god, eh? Make you proud to be a Christian? You love god even more because he kills people slowly, whilst making them endure a life without limbs?

You have picked one guy out amongst thousands - what of the rest? Do you think they would like your god to give them real limbs? He will not - why? Because He's not there - the only place he exists is in your mind.

The fact that you should post that video, and claim your god did it, and that it is GOOD, to me indicates that you are totally deluded.

If I said, "I hope each one of your children become severely disabled" would you think that was a blessing?

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