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You can demonstrate evolution - but you can call on it to be demonstrated.

That is incorrect: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22039872

For instance you cannot make a monkey turn into a man.

Men were never monkeys and monkeys were never men, no sensible person has ever claimed that. The most notable person to claim it was a bishop who was obviously steeped in biblical thought -> the religious, eh? What can we do with them? How can we help them understand the wonder of the world?

I think your preconceptions need adjusting to fit in with 21st century knowledge.

Humanity has no control over evolution - evolution it greater than man.

I assume that you have heard of genetic engineering? That is human involvement in evolution.

I always say that god is our ignorance. What we do not know, we attribute to gods - at least, some of us do.

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