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We are even supposed to report and investigate "near miss" incidents - cases where someone  narrowly avoided being hurt, by chance or skill - to make sure they are not repeated with less fortunate outcomes.

Does that seem like a reasonable approach when talking about dropping bombs on people?
Yes, this is what is done - Did we get our target? If not, how can we make it better next time?

...We need to find ways to win these kinds of wars.  Otherwise we will continue to lose war after war after war as we have Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq.
The solution is to chose your enemy.

... aerial bombardment is a terrible way to go ... Just kill everyone.  Cheaper, simpler, easier to "win".  Or a different kind of win.  But for at least the last 250 years or so (1000 years?) that has been considered socially unacceptable and a war crime.
~70 years ago, the bombing of London and Dresden - neither were tried as war crimes. Last significant carpet bombing of a major city - Operations Linebacker and Linebacker II 1972.

Following the discussions of "How can we make this more effective, we have smart bombs and missiles capable of striking to within 5 metres at 1000 miles.

Oh, this is good.  Blame the people being bombed for being bombed.  I take it you've given up defending your position.
War consists of both sides telling the other, "Stop it!" One usually comes out on top.

Here's a thought, perhaps we could stop killing their children.
It's hard to remember your job is to drain the swamp when you're up to your arse in crocodiles. I'm not sure what this constant reference to children is - are they somehow more valuable than non-combatants in general, the old, the sick, the perfectly fit who have evaded the draft? I'm old and I'd expect some concern if I were killed!

There is a Noble Prize for the person who finds a way of killing only bad people. The military are open to suggestions.

Do not forget, war is the continuance of diplomacy by other means - common diplomacy may continue after the war.

On the other hand, a war merely shows who has the better weapons and generals; it never shows who was right or had the better ideas.
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