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From my axiom, not my conclusion, that the Protestant Canonical list is the embodiment of demonstrable human knowledge, I can deduce that there is a God who thinks thoughts. This God created the world and human beings in his image which is essentially the rational faculty of man (Col 3:10). I can also deduce that persons can be considered outside of a physical body. (2 Cor 12:3).

Thus the arche of all knowledge, in the genus of being, are divine ideas within a divine mind and this divine mind has no physical brain. 

So there is something that has no physical being, has no brain and thinks thoughts and these thoughts are capable of the creation of extremely organised physical matter in defiance of known laws?

Now, normally, a person having reached that conclusion would have the decency to say, “So, I must be wrong, as this is clearly ridiculous.”

However, you really seem to believe that you have solved a problem.

I suggest that, in your mind you have solved that problem; it must seem so very, very clear to you. But, in everyone else’s mind, there is mere curiosity at the wonder of the intricate nature of delusion.

This God created the world and human beings

1.   I must have missed that bit. How do we know this?
2.   How do we know it is the Judeo-Christian god? I note you use the upper case, or were you slipping that in, in the hopes it would pass scrutiny?

God created the world and human beings in his image which is essentially the rational faculty of man

So you are suggesting that bronze age tribesmen, who believed in witches, and actually saw Yahweh’s physical being, thought that God “is essentially the rational faculty of man.”?

Do you consider that to be a sustainable thought?

I, for one, readily admit to having difficulties seeing them thinking that as they squatted shitting in a shallow hole outside the camp and under the stars that they thought were little dots of light in a solid sky.

Oh, and you were asked for your comments on the video of the philosopher explaining numbers: that would still be very helpful.
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