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Premonition is a member of the set of foreknowledge. For foreknowledge, of itself, to exist, the future would have to be fixed and time would have to have more dimensions that it presently has.

There would have to be a form of electromagnetic energy that had the ability to travel along this dimension accurately and enter our dimensions. If this happened, we would be able to use instruments to detect it – we do not detect it.

We would also have to have an organ or a dedicated part of an organ to receive the information passed from the future. The brain has been mapped and we don’t appear to have one. I say this as if we did have this organ, then all of us would be receiving premonitions all the time.

Premonitions only seem to be of terrible things, but terrible things are happening all the time. We can say that terrible things will happen all the time in the future.

Let us image the time from now until the year 3013: why aren’t all these terrible things bombarding us with information from the future?

The answer is that none of the biology or physics exist that would allow premonitions to be perceived. Therefore they aren’t, therefore there are no premonitions.

But we hear of people who say they have had premonitions; is what they have had entirely inexplicable? Or were they picking up clues, being worried, and, as we all do in a moment of quietness, have random thoughts that resulted in a scenario similar to the worry? And how many people are on earth? 7 billion – that’s quite a lot of thoughts.

When I worry that my son’s plane will crash or I could call that a ‘premonition’ but if it doesn’t crash – what was happening? I suggest that my worries took form in my mind, but even though they seemed so clear they were not a premonition… unless they came true, in which case, it was…

So ‘premonitions’ is the name for worries that come true; ‘worries’ is the name for those worries that don’t. All premonitions are worries, but not all worries are premonitions, and you only know if it is a premonition after the event – which is not much good.

“The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.”
Francis Bacon 22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626

You will get woo-merchants and apologists for superstition and ignorance who explain that “high emotion” events create a “sort of energy.”

You will tell them that this is bullshit and unless they can fully explain, within 2 minutes, the maths and physics behind this, and how they know this, you will dismiss them and their ideas to the bin marked “tin-foil hats.” (Be prepared for, “There are many things we don’t understand!!!” to which your reply is, “Yes, I know but that doesn’t allow you to insert your own flavour of unresearched, out-of-your-arse, madness.”)

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