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Please supply source material.
I don't wish to appear lazy but if you follow the link or look up Wiki article on "The [wiki]Gospel of John[/wiki]", you will find what you are looking for
preferably not a wiki link.
Well, Wiki has links to links. Try them.
A true Christian wouldn't even use that garbage anyway.
Yes, I know - was it not Jesus who said, "And the foolish virgin consulted Wikipedia and her soul was lost."?
I also suspect this commentary concerns the bible not the original txt,
You should know by now that there is no "original text." However, there are some manuscripts that survive. Not all identical and there are others that must pre-date John and yet contain similar material.
as there was no verse nor chapter separation.
As I seem to recall, chapter and verse separation appear relatively late on.
I would also be interested to know something of this man's personal convictions. It always helps to know the motivations.
And also provides excellent ammunition for an ad hominem argument, eh? : )
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