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About hell... I'll just say that non believers are condemned.
Also condemned are people who say they believe but do not always obey the Word of God, so there are many so-called Christians who will not see heaven - I don't know what sect you are a member of, but you must accept that all other sects are damned.

Additionally, there are all new-born babies and infants who have not the understanding to comprehend Jesus - so they go to Hell.

There are the mentally disabled (or those suffering from demons); these people too are condemned to hell (just like Hitler condemned them.

Then there are the Jews, all of them. They don't accept Christ and will rot in Hell for ever.

Then there are the billions on the planet who have never heard of Jesus - they have done nothing wrong, but will go to Hell for not believing in Him.

It's just my personal understanding of it. So be forgiving.
There are thus 2 possibilities:

(i) You are a false prophet and will be sent to Hell for telling untruths about God without His having actually spoken to you.

(ii) Everyone has their own understanding of God, so, really, there is no god - he is just "your opinions".
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