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I have explained why I think whether I believe one thing or another doesn't really matter.
Maybe, but that's your opinion - I think you're wrong and it does matter.

Essentially, you are asking me a question that has no meaning, so I will not answer it.  Apparently it has meaning to you, otherwise you would not be asking it.
So had it got meaning or not?
So, since the question is irrelevant, I'll say I'm  atheist.  In ten minutes, I might be theist.  It all depends on if I want to leave out an extra letter.
Has anyone mentioned to you that you seem to be mentally abnormal? Is it OCD?

Ooo look! There's a squirrel!

(i) Just answer the questions and we will answer yours
(ii) Stop being a pretentious asshole - OK?

Or is that too complicated?

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