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You are a little too free with your accusations of my lying, and to be frank, I don't like it.

Take some time and a dictionary and have a look at the meaning of lying, otherwise you may encounter other disappointed posters.

Your silly "Ooo what would happen if it were in South Africa?" Is not on topic and is neither here nor there.

Sure.  Now are you willing to answer the question I actually asked, or would that take too much honesty?
You really must concentrate on what honesty is - it apparently does not have the meaning you think.

To dismiss a question is neither to lie nor to be dishonest.

(Has someone been upsetting you?)

The idea that the police story is accurate is no less speculation than the idea that it is not.  In absense of data, speculating - but not concluding - is reasonable.
Were that what I was saying, it would be correct.
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