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i find it hilarious how some people makes a big deal about procreation. The way i see it, we're already well over 7 billion, so what if some people don't want to have kids or can't procreate?
To avoid the argument being personalised or indeed restricted to human terms, the "so what" involves either a genetic or psychological abnormality in any organism.

The purpose of life (and I use the term advisedly, as it is not a purpose, more a result of the will to live) is to reproduce. All living organisms have this in common. There is no other attribute that can be said to be as universal.

The result of successful reproduction, birth or division or seeding, will involve either a viable or non-viable organism. Here is Darwinism at work.

1) Homosexuals can't procreate (Gay rights issue)
Actually they probably can, they just don't usually.
2) It's important to keep your bloodline going (Abortion issue or people whom choose not to have children)
All organisms have a drive towards the immortality of their genes - a fancy way of putting, "Desire to reproduce." Small wonder that the act is probably the best pleasure you can have.
3) If people think like you do then human race would die out (This is said to Gays or to child-free individuals)
4) Having children is so important and miraculous.
Bald statement without any proof - sign of low intelligence.
5) it's important for the establishment of civilization
Strangely enough, if you look round, civilisation is already established. It always has been. Whatever the condition, this is civilisation.

Who says these things? I don't hear them, I don't read them. Perhaps it's different in the UK?

I personally cannot have children and i don't want to have children.
I can say with authority that until you have a child, you do not know whether you want one or not. Really. Your statement is akin to saying, "I'm not eating that, I have never tasted it." When you taste it, you might like it.

I was not bothered one way or the other about having children. My wife appeared to be opposed. Two came along, and they were fine. I had lots of fun and, of course, a few painful times. My wife is the archetypal concerned and doting mother

To be fair, I find the same objection to (mainly women) who become obsessed with the idea of having children - especially when they cannot have them.
I don't think that can cause any problems to society. People may say it's selfish, but we're all selfish.
I fail to see what is selfish about anyone not having children. Perhaps you could explain the logic? However, it will be irritating if you suddenly become resentful at having to pay taxes for other people's kids to be educated, or make a point of displaying your excess income whilst parents struggle or complain that holiday accommodation is expensive because schools have broken up or adopt a political attitude that reflects these or other unbalanced views.

I am in no doubt that the human race will end in a mess of its own waste products and lack of food and water. This is why we are not knee-deep in bacteria or overrun with wombats - the inability to find the essentials for life cut down the population of any organism to manageable levels.

Be depressed, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to save mankind from going down this road.

You want to improve the lot of starving children in Africa? Excellent, you're increasing the population beyond what the land can support. And what will that child grow up and do? Yes, that's right - reproduce.

You perhaps want a reduction in the overall mortality rate? Fine, but you're increasing the population beyond what the land can support.

What about irrigation schemes, genetics modified plants and animals? Fine... for a few years but this will only allow an increase in the population such that the crash will be more painful.

How about a cure for crippling diseases, blindness, mental illness? Do that and, shortly after puberty, they will all start to breed.

You want to adopt a child (from a third world country)? Go ahead, it is a drop in the ocean.

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