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Here's a question for all - what does cause African children to starve? If it isn't your fault, is it anybodies?
That’s a good question and would suit a separate thread.

As it is:

1.   Starvation is cause by a lack of money, not a lack of food.
2.   If you have $1million, you would be unlucky to starve – you could eat at the best restaurants for a long time.
3.   The trouble is that the starving end up in refugee camps because the land cannot support that many people per acre.[1]
4.   The history of mankind is one of the land not being able to support the people. Starvation is nature’s way of telling us there are too many of us in the area.
5.   Underfed women are not very fertile but while there is food, there will be children.
6.   When the children arrive, there may not be food or enough food.
7.   The children die, there are less mouths, there is less fertility, then,
8.   When numbers are reasonable, breeding begins again.
9.   Medicine is used to save children from dying – the population rises.
10.   The cycle repeats.
11.   Today they go to refugee camps
12.   People in refugee camps produce nothing; they live on a subsistence diet paid for by others.
13.   They have no money because the countries where people starve have no marketable goods or skills.
14.   They have no marketable goods or skills because they have no education or infrastructure.
15.   They have no education or infrastructure because people will not pay the price of production of what they have – they will only pay the market price.
16.   The price of production is high because they can’t afford the machinery or the energy costs, they do not have the skills to run it, process it, manufacture it and deliver it.
17.   In countries where they starve, the domestic market is weak,[2] so there is little technology or demand, so there are few factories producing anything.
18.   The export market is entirely dependent upon foreign entrepreneurs who wish to buy low, cover their transport costs and sell high.

A sobering thought is that wealth inequality keeps the west alive. If we all earned the average wage of the world we would all starve.

People starve that we might live.

If my name were Darwin, I would write a book… if I could think of a title…

 1. You may say that it is war that causes the problem, but that is simply to sidestep the problem: if everyone had had enough, there would have been no war.
 2. The demand for copper in Zambia is low but they are a major producer.
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