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Some folks believe in God, others do not. Who knows which group is right.
I do – the atheists are correct.
But we all know that one group is wrong, just plain deluded.
Could they be the ones who think that there’s something up there that poofed a world into existence and made men from mud?
Now, what type of idiot would decide, just make up their mind without evidence that there is NO loving heavenly father ready to take you into his arms, to give you eternal life that would love and care for you.
Let me see…
The Mesopotamians believed that the gods were cruel and unforgiving.
The Akkadians were similar but had a god who was wise, witty and liked beer
The Egyptians thought that the gods were like Pharaohs who were also gods – some were good, some were bad.
The Greeks saw the gods as much like humans but who played with us as a child plays with its toys.
The Romans had many gods – each house would have its own, not all promised things
The Norse had their gods – not too dissimilar from the Greek gods in their outlook but who had lives of their own to live.   
The Nepalis have a living goddess in Kathmandu: I've seen her. As she was chewing gum and looking bored, I assume she's not a real god.
Only a fool would, given a free choice, decide, without evidence, that there is no god.
And can we say that it would be a bigger fool who decided that there was one – Let me quote Pianodwarf,
It's a burden of proof issue.  Most atheists do not in fact insist that the universe had no creator, but even if we did, the one claiming that it did have a creator would still be a greater burden of proof than the naysayer because the one claiming a creator is making a claim that extends ontology, and such claims always carry a greater burden of proof than claims that an ontological extension does not exist. –
So you see, those who claim gods have all the work to do, just as if I were to say, “There’s a unicorn in that forest!” Would you think that that is true? Who has to prove it?
Everyone has a clear motive to want there to be a god looking after the Universe like a maintenance supervisor, fixing every flaw in existence.
This is absolute garbage – how can you believe that? The universe works without any gods – there is no need for them – this much has been proven.
So, if you were on a jury, deciding which one was making stuff up, who would you think guilty? The one with a motive, or the one without?
If I were on a jury with you, I would excuse myself and tell the accused that he had better prepare his appeal because the jury has no critical thinking skills at all and knows nothing about basic science.

After a bit, I realized that there might be people who do not want an observant god,
A bit disturbing when you’re having a quiet shit, isn’t it?

You are in severe need of education, physics, maths, chemistry, philosophy. You also need to read far more widely. Your arguments above are really poor; taken together, all they say is “I’m right because I say so and if you disagree you are abnormal.”

If you have any proof whatsoever that there is any kind of god, do please let us know.
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