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Let's sum this whole thing up in simpler fashion, shall we?

Quantum Mechanics deals with the behavior of subatomic particles and their sometimes dizzying lack of common sense activity.

It does not deal with nor posit "God".

It does not deal with nor posit "the supernatural."

While it may appear 'magical' to the layman, unless you can understand the math, every single explanation is at best an approximation or summation of behavior, and is not a complete discussion of how something works to the point you can draw conclusions about it.  E.G., the observer effect is real, but it doesn't work like you think it does and it's not really explainable in specific terms unless you grok very advanced calculus.

(as an aside, the spellchecker here understands 'grok'.  I am happy. :) )

Further, while Quantum Mechanics is, itself, a bit weird (to say the least - and also very cool!), its end result is an ordered and actually fairly predictable universe.  Quantum Teleportation, for instance, is both cool and (fairly) common - but it has no bearing on whether a basketball will go through a table; in the universe, a basketball will NEVER go through a table.. even if an electron (or even a whole hydrogen atom!) can.  Using QM to account for any sort of higher-order phenomenon (like, say, 'miracle spring water' or 'homeopathy' or 'God') is a bit like using a chunk of toenail to extrapolate the qualities of the Empire State Building - irrelevant and, by default, a logical error of several orders of magnitude.

So.  Out of chaos comes an incredible amount of order - out of relationships we're just beginning to understand comes anthills to zebras.

QM has no bearing on 'God' - QM represents the rules of the fundamental pieces of nature, not the supernatural.

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