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What do da Vinci, Galileo, Newton, Tolstoy, Martin Luther King Jr., Kierkegaard, C.S. Lewis, Francis Collins, Nelson Mandela, all 44 U.S. Presidents, and billions and billions of people from every racial, ethnic, national, and political category imaginable have in common? Let us also include men and women from nearly every conceivable profession. Yes, the list of Christians includes some of the brightest and most successful people who have ever lived.

Now, tell me how it is that so many virtuous and brilliant people have been duped by the so-called fallacy of the divinity of Christ? I submit that many, many rational minds have, as the result of careful study and thought, arrived at the conclusion that Jesus Christ is, in fact, the son of God.

Most of the posts on this forum could lead one to conclude that the body of Christians is nothing more than a population of rubes. Please, may we not begin our conversations with that assumption?

Wow.  That is a great list of amazing people!  Many of whom were  imprisoned, tortured and assassinated by Christians!
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