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You make a good point and I agree with you.  Fear does play into the dynamic of israeli politics.  But if you think they don't think of themselves as superior to the the palestinians, akin to the way the nazis thought of jews, then I think you are being naive.

No.  You're conflating nationalistic pride with racial.  Every nation that I can recall has engaged in nationalist pride, especially in times of conflict.  The Nazis defined Jews and others as being fundamentally, congenitally and racially sub human and the cause of not just Germany's ills, but of the world, and not just in modern times, but throughout history.  They set about to annihilate the Jewish race forever.

So you and others here hate Israel.  Fine, have at it.  Not my concern.
Who here say they hate Israel,I don't like the standard that supporting countries of Israel have based the existence of Israel on. A religious base that God had given them the land and Israel and supporting nations have returned the land to them on this basis is absurd. I am an Aboriginal,like other Aboriginal peoples around the world,our land has been stolen and NOT returned. Should we in your opinion have our land returned to us,hardly practical for the colonizers who have since used the land as they see fit. Our population is now down to a low enough number where the Governments do not see fit a return of the stolen lands. Then there is the fact we don't have a powerful lobby that Israel does.

 The U.S. and Canadian Governments also set out to annihilate it's Indigenous peoples using religious bias and the pride of ancestry. They like the Germans failed to complete the job.

 Don't tell me I hate the Jew's and Israel,I just want the same deal they got,my homeland returned,my culture and language and traditions reestablished. 
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