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The Jewish people have been marginalized, oppressed and persecuted throughout most of documented human history.  They have been a “nation without a state” since before the concept of a “state” even existed.   On our modern globe, in which every piece of land has been carved out into defined political boundaries, most people who are members of stateless nations would like their nation to have its own state.    And after thousands of years, the Jewish people were finally granted their own state. 

The problem, of course, is that the land they were granted already belonged to someone else.   And just as an abused child sometimes grows up to be a child abuser, a percentage of the Zionists who sought refuge from oppression within the borders of a Jewish state, have themselves become brutal oppressors of the Palestinians. 

It is ironic that a man like Bennett, who uses education, parlor tricks and money obtained outside of the political borders of Israel, can gain power on a platform of oppression.   And when an article like this predicts that his brand of power-hunger is representative of a growing trend within Israel, I am genuinely dismayed.
Is an Indian on a reservation the same as a Jewish person without a state? Can we begin the re-establishment of our "states"?
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