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I take it you are Caucasian,and such ads would not bother you because you are not in a group affected by such racist garbage?

Yes, I am Caucasian. The white supremacist advertisements you described are not attacking me so I can ignore them based on those grounds. The advertisements are also a dog whistle to certain portions of my demographic group and I ignore them because of that as well. I don't wish to be associated with racists or bigots. I try to respect every individual until their behaviour indicates otherwise.

However, if Christians ran advertisements like these I would ignore them as well and I wouldn't demand they take them down even though they are attacking or demeaning my minority group (atheists).
Don't spew this crap.....An ethnicity is not something you can just scrub off to become Caucasian and unlike a religious choice it is out there for everybody to see and stereotypes can make judgments easy.

 Attacking a persons religious choice is NOT the same as stereotyping a group of people of a different ethnic background and singling them out for attack.   If and when the Caucasians become a minority (soon enough) and are singled out for extermination.... then we will see.

 Yes these two factions are of different religions and are of similar ethnicity.....but the Jews are targeting a people and taking over their LAND.....but of course you may be OK with it since your forfathers did it to us in North America (I am Aboriginal)
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