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Atheism = non belief...... I have never attacked a theist or harmed on in any way. Anti theism an example would be a dictator who desires to hold power....doing so he kills theists who wish to disrupt his power,or any other person who desires his overthrow for any other reason. The dictator shows anti-free thought not bounded to just anti-theist ideas,but all who wish his death or demise. Killing theist (or others) to keep power comes with the desire to hold power,not because they despise just the religious.

 A dictatorship and a communist Government are two different things.

 How do you view Theist Governments who kill their own followers,mainly because they have vagina's and not a penis?  are they just sexist pigs holding on to power? They never seem to kill or imprison adulterous men,but have no problem killing or imprisoning women without trial.
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