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Then - once again - there is no reason to worship this god, because as you've just said, whatever his action, it will automatically have been the perfect action.  God feeds the world, god picks his nose, god stops all rapists, god scratches his eyebrows....it's all one and the same.  When whatever action is taken become by definition perfect, then no praise can attach to that being. 
Especially since - as you said - god does not think and consider, he just reacts without need for thought.  Sorry Lukvance, but the more you describe your god, the less worthy of praise or worship it becomes.
I think you don't have any valuable reason to worship anything. If you do, please enlighten me, what is this reason? And how this reason does not apply to God?

If you don't have an answer, go on the attack.  Sorry Lukvance, but that's an old dodge.  Why not try sometimes to actually address a post, rather than dodge it?  You may get some more respect, you may even earn a convert or two.  But to simply ignore the points being made to you?  All it shows is that you don't have an answer.

Must be terrible, not being able to explain how the god you follow is actually worthy of respect.  I do feel rather sorry for you.
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