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I don't believe in sin.  That's you.

I'm trying to get a clear idea of what you think sin actually is.  I mean, are you committing sin just by conversing with atheists instead of trying to stone us to death?
Is there more than one punishment, ANY punishment for sin?

I gave you an answer already.  Are you badgering me?  Moderators, are you taking notice of this?

Again, I'll type it out really s-l-o-w-l-y for you:  Sin is anything that you think, say, or do that does not please God (God of the Bible).  Other people say this is a clear explanation of my belief.  What part of "anything that you think, say, or do that does not please God" do you not understand (I know you don't believe that sin and God exists, that's not the question.)   Would it help if I put it in Spanish for you?

Spanish I don't think is necessary.  But what would be useful, I think (that would address what MadBunny is asking) is to at least begin a definitive list of what actually pleases/displease Yahweh.  Without such a list, as MadBunny says, it can become whatever you want it to be at any particular time.

I'm sure we've all seen the film with the psychopathic bad guy.  All his henchmen tiptoe around him, never quite sure what to say in case today is the day he doesn't like it (and of course he always gets his comeuppance because someone ends up not telling him something for fear of his reaction....but I digress!).

I'm equally sure that you in no way see Yahweh as that kind of being - he is a loving and GOOD creature, and would be devastated to think that the creatures he loves are in any way unclear about what is good and what is not - in this case, what is sin and what is not.  So I would expect - from a loving and good god - that his top priority would be an unambiguous list of what pleases him, and what does not.  So I would be grateful if you could make a start on that list with some specifics of sins, rather than the vague and (to the current unbeliever) frankly unhelpful "sin is whatever Yahweh doesn't like".
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