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When YOU want someone to understand YOU.....what methods do you use?


True.  Of course, I didn't put it in bold the first time I asked it, only when you ignored it.  But never mind - if you would prefer to avoid answering it, that's fine - I just wanted to be sure you hadn't missed it, now at least I can be sure you have read the question and decided not to answer it.

Very glad you mentioned the Bible.  So....your point is that every person should read the Bible and get the exact same understanding of Yahweh's character?  Except that doesn't happen, as you point out......hmmm, I wonder why such an intelligent being would choose as a method of communication one that is clearly not well suited to getting his message across.....

Why would an intelligent being resort to the written word?  Because it can be copied and transmitted to more people more reliably than the oral word? Because he is intelligent and intelligent people write down what they want others to know and understand?

Except....you're moving away from the reason I brought it up.  You said:

He left a whole big book of answers.  Some people come to it with preconceived notions though and can't glean truth from it because of their prejudices.

My point was that a much-translated book set thousands of years ago was clearly NOT best suited to getting his message across.  Its failed to get his message to me, for example, failed to get his message to billions across the world and across history.  That was the point.

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Apologies, I thought you mentioned free will as being necessary for us to be able to choose, as opposed to just following god by default.  If you don't regard free will as a vital part of your theology then we can forget about it.
We can discuss free will.  What was it you said?  Something about asking a question and not getting an answer? Do you consider free will important?  If so, why?

Happy to answer.  I want to be sure I grok the question though - do you mean "do I consider the concept of free will important in the context of understanding the message of the Bible", or "do I consider having free will to be important in general in the world", or something else?

Incidentally....I'm noting the irony of the number of words we are using just to get me to understand the exact thrust of a question.  I say without any sarcasm that I am sure that in your mind you know what the question is that you wanted answered, but it hasn't been entirely accurately conveyed to me.  We'll get there though, through a dialogue. 

Just imagine though if you'd written your question down ONCE, and there was no way I could clarify what you meant!  I might have sincerely answered the wrong question through misunderstanding it, and what use would that have been?
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