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But the problem is that all mankind was capable of choosing to be flawed, so whether I or you had replaced Adam in the garden, both of us would have chosen the fruit over obedience to God. Therefore, Adam was all of mankind's representative in the garden.  Again, if it were you, you would have been mankind's representative and you would have chosen wrong too. So there are no "innocents" as all stand guilty.
If all are guilty before God, then God would be just in punishing all and would not be evil for doing so.

So what you are saying is that every person, ever, would have chosen to disobey Yahweh and take the fruit - because that is the only way that Adam can stand as representative for us all.  Okay.  But then some questions occur.....

1) If EVERY being, ever, would have chosen to disobey Yahweh, does he not bear some responsibility for creating a situation that is impossible to prevent?  Whether in his construction of man, or his layout of events, he made a Kobayahsi Maru "test" that could never be passed.  What kind of loving god sets up a situation that can never be passed?

2) Perhaps more pertinently, if ever human being ever is programmed to disobey god - indeed, would inevitably disobey him - then what chance does anyone have of reaching heaven?
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