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As I have explained, if someone were to examine Adam when God created him, they would say, "Male, about 25 years old." But, this would be wrong because Adam would technically be 1 minute old but he would APPEAR to be 25 years old.

But they couldn't do that, because the world was created ten years ago by Satan, who - for funnies - created the whole Bible, and made sure that it LOOKED like it was a 2,000 year old book discussing a 6,000 year old world that looked like a 16 billion year old world.

Or, if you like.......Christ never actually came to Earth to be sacrificed, because Yahweh created the whole world on a Tuesday afternoon in 1642.  All the events in the Bible are metaphors, made up by Yahweh.  None of the characters - Adam, Moses, Noah, Jesus, Judas, John - ever really existed.  The Earth is just under 400 years old.  There was no real "sacrifice", because it never really happened.

Do you have one single shred of evidence that can counter that theory?

Or will you ignore this question as being far too complex, and far too likely to destroy your own 6,000-year worldview if you successfully address it?
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