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My point is that noone of us contribute what we can for the hungry. We could all do more, often a lot more. I make this point only in response to the assertion by Median that he would eliminate starvation if he was limitless. I want to know why this is necessarily true, based on what we know about ourselves......I am interested to have you identify what that something is, and discuss why that something would cease to be a factor if you had unlimited capacity.

I quite agree - I could do more for the starving.  If I sold up absolutely everything I owned today, house and car and possessions and all, I could give hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And, crucially, I would then have nothing.  Yahweh would not have that problem.  He could give everyone everything they ever needed and wanted, and still have everything.  He can give away a dollar, and still have his dollar - and a billion dollars more.

MM's question - is effectively how he can trust that a person who could give £10 (but only give £1), would give £1000 dollars when they had $infinity.  The problem is that as has been said, he does not appear to understand the concept of a limitless god (or a limitless amount of resources).

Why don't I give any more than I do?  Ultimately, I guess, its fear.  I look at the world, at the banks, at the way we are burning through our resources, and then I look at my wife and my children.  And ultimately, I think to myself "I could give away more - but what might happen tomorrow?  What might happen to them if I give away a little too much?"

But if I was GOD, I wouldn't have any of those problems.  With limitless resource, I could feed every person in every country every day, and STILL be guaranteed to have everything I could ever want or need forever.  GUARANTEED.  That is the point.

MM has asked us all "how can he believe that we would give so much, when we had limitless resource?"  I would like to ask MM a similar question.

MM, you give away some now, but agree you could do more.  If YOUR resources were limitless, what would stop YOU from feeding all the starving, all the time?
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