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Jesus knew he would be resurrected since the beginning of time. Imagine the agony of preparing for the sacrifice since the beginning of time. How dreadful it must have been.
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How the heck did Jesus know about this required sacrifice from the beginning of time? He was only conceived about 2000 years ago and supposedly lived for 33 years (BTW equipped with magic that could've easily reduced his own suffering before getting fully upgraded super-powers).  Before Jesus came into existence God was doing His own thing trying various bully tactics to sort out the shit on earth....

No, see William, Jesus was part of god since the beginning, so in his omniscience he knew right from the beginning that his sacrifice would have been necessary.  Which means that before man was created, Yahweh knew they would fail, Yahweh knew the flood would not work, knew at every intervention he made in the world that it would fail, so.......


Sorry, I think my apologetics just failed.  If (as 54768 claims) "Jesus knew he would be resurrected since the beginning of time", then Jesus/god knew before mankind was created that a sacrifice would be necessary.  Knew before Adam, before Eden, before the serpent, that mankind would fall.

And, knowing that, Yahweh created things anyway.  KNOWING that creating the serpent would lead to mankind's fall, Yahweh created it and allowed it into the garden.

Tell me again why I should feel gratitude for the "sacrifice" that was required to make up for the mistakes Yahweh made even though he knew exactly what the results would be?  You make a mistake, you correct it - nobody should feel indebted to them for clearing up their own mess.
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