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Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of all the contradictions and evasions you keep coming up with.

Indeed (Alexis) does not trust me to control her, luckily i do not control her then, no?

At the moment i do have to force her a bit to get stuff going

Do you control and force her, or not?

1) How is a person with a tulpa distinct from a person with MPD, given everything you say applies to a tulpa?

End results differ in form, mind and abilities. Of what i know of.
HOW do they differ?  Don't just claim it, tell me in detail.  You've said "they are different", so you must know what those specific differences are?

But consider this: your claim is that the tulpa has the same kind of feelings and thoughts and drives as any regular human - "all the human traits", I believe you said.  Now consider this: how would YOU feel, trapped in a body you cannot control, subject entirely to the whims of the creator, "taken out and played with" at his pleasure?  You may be the nicest jailer in the world, but at the end of the day, jailer you are.  Think about your own quote:

All the human traits..."generally" ;D.
What you also have to remember is that she as a body of her own control, she is as free as she wants to be, inside my head...
Would you say that every human, who simply cannot be physical, would take over its creator, although it already had a form?

Okay, so what human traits do tulpa NOT have?  Be specific.
See my bold in your response?  Prisoners have all the freedom they want….in the exercise yard.  And yes - I WOULD say that a creature with thoughts and feelings and desires, but which was trapped inside a body it was unable to control, subject to the whims of its jailer, would indeed try to "escape".

If you are trying to tell me that you have created a willing slave that thinks only what you think, then fine - but that is NOT the seperate identity you have been trying to push. 
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