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Weird. I thought finding out if they're real was a related question. Because, if they're not as real as you claim, then the whole exercise of asking questions about them seems fairly pointless.

Just think of a tulpa being as real as an imaginary friend, not able to be seen by anyone else but the creator, yet still existing, mentally...

While asking if they are real or not is related to the topic, i was personally expecting other questions.

MY tulpa has green wings and blue fur.  He answers to the name of Bernie, likes playing GTA, and has a Doctorate in Java Studies (he claims). 

If we're making stuff up and trading stories about our imaginary friends, let's do it.  We can chat about whether they'd have fun together, and which one would win at arm wrestling.  But if one of us is saying they ACTUALLY EXIST, then THAT is the important question to answer. 

If there is no evidence you can produce, then Alexis is just as real as Bernie, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about Bernie.  What exactly interests you about him?
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